Facials are key to helping you glow from the inside out.

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 At Glossed, we can help you achieve a clear youthful complexion through a variety of innovative methods and techniques. Each treatment is specifically tailored to your particular skin type to ensure you achieve the best results.

Price List

Glossed signature facial – £70

60 minute bespoke Dermalogica facial tailored to suit your skin needs.

Glossed on the glow facial – £35

30 minute bespoke Dermalogica facial tailored to suit your skin needs.

You can also upgrade your Facial for an extra £10 for 10 minutes of LED Light therapy of your choice


Appointments & Bookings

We require a 50% deposit on all treatments, if cancelled less than 48 hours before your treatment the deposit will be lost.

Can I wear makeup after my facial?

Yes, you can wear makeup after your facial but we advise to let your skin breathe for 24 hours. This is to ensure that your skin soaks up the products, allowing you to see better results.

Can I have a facial even though I have sensitive skin?

Absolutely! We use an array of products that are suitable for ALL skin types that are packed with soothing ingredients.

Am I able to get a facial even though I have sunburn?

Depending on the severity of the sunburn, the skin is very sensitive after exposure to UV rays and facials can cause a reaction. However, we offer LED Light Therapy sessions that can target sunburn, healing the skin. Pop in for a free consultation to get the best advice for you.