At Glossed your nail care is our top priority. Our goal is to maintain full nail health within the application and removal of each treatment

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Our goal is to maintain full nail health within the application and removal of each treatment. All while offering a wide range of gel colours and designs to suit all your nail needs!

Price List

Gel Hands – £28
Gel toes – £28

Glossed Luxury Pedicure – £55
BIAB (Including full removal) – £50
Plain BIAB £30

Plain BIAB infills – £30
BIAB infill with Gel colour £34

Removal – £14
Tidy up – £20
Nail art (Basic) £5

Nail art (Moderate) £10
Nail art (Complex) £15


Appointments & Bookings

We require a 50% deposit on all treatments, if cancelled less than 2 days before your treatment the deposit will be lost.

Can my natural nails be damaged from gel?

No. Gels cannot damage your natural nails, the damage occurs when the gel isn’t removed correctly. We offer free removal with each nail treatment so why not take advantage of that?…

What is BIAB?

BIAB is a thicker gel used to help strengthen and grow the natural nail. We would recommend infills for this treatment as chipping and lifting are minimal, with BIAB you can either choose to leave it nude or finish with a gel colour.

What is the “Tidy up” treatment?

Our tidy up treatment is for those who want tidy natural nails. This treatment includes a soak off, cuticle work, shaping and is completed with a 5 minute hand massage.

If gel polish was applied somewhere else a £10 removal will be added on top of the price.


What is your nail repair policy?

We have a 2 day repair policy in which we repair any damaged nails for free, ONLY if the damaged nail is a result from the nail artist. After these 2 days, we will not be able to offer a refund as it could be due to anything. After care advice will be offered after each set.